Design Superwalks©

Design Superwalks© is a technique developed by Research Dimensions:

  • to obtain consumer input to the interior and exterior design of stores, restaurants, bank branches and other customer contact locations
  • to determine consumer reaction to proposed designs in terms of:

    • Colors
    • Floor plan/traffic flow
    • Textures
    • Decorations/Pictures
    • Materials used
    • Display counters
    • Lighting
    • Seating/Tables
    • Plants
    • Signage
    • Uniforms/dress
    • Cash register/order desk, etc.


In-store interviews/idea generating sessions are conducted by a senior moderator.

Focus group discussions, triads, quads or individual interviews are conducted in-store, depending on the store/restaurant/branch environment. Consumers discuss the actual or proposed design(s) in terms of needs, reactions, perceptions, feelings, images conveyed. Renderings, models or rough sketches are used as input.


Results include recommendations for refinements, improvements, and an understanding of what works among consumers.