Advertising Testing

When advertising is being developed, Research Dimensions generally recommends qualitative research with focus groups conducted during the early development stages, and triads or individual interviews conducted during later stages.

When the advertising is being evaluated, we recommend quantitative mall intercept/ target group studies.

The key measures that we examine are:

Breakout: the ability of the creative to break through clutter and demand the viewer's attention

Message Comprehension: the creative's ability to effectively transmit key selling propositions

Appeal:the sensory appeal of the creative. Music and production values contribute to this dimension

Image Modification:the ability of the creative to transmit key images and to make the viewer feel positive emotional responses to both the product and the advertiser. Positive image modification scores correlate strongly with longevity.

Creative can also be tested in 5 to 10 second segments to evaluate individual product messages and supers on a segment-by-segment basis