Creativity: War Games

War GamesĀ© is a Research Dimensions technique designed to help marketers develop new competitive marketing and product strategies in situations where:

  • A new product is to be launched
  • A competitor launches a new product
  • A price war is initiated
  • An advertising war is initiated

Led by two facilitators, this simulated marketing battle uses a five-step, Idea Generating process in order to develop optimum strategic options.

  • 1.   Corporate history, product objectives, preferences and limitations are determined in discussion with the client.
  • 2.   Client participants are recruited, divided into two teams (THEM and US); Referee/Planners are selected and all are given "homework" assignments in advance of the War Games.
  • 3.   A one day War Games session is then conducted in which the US TEAM develops its initial strategies in an Idea Generating work session led by a Research Dimensions facilitator.

  • These initial strategies are presented to the THEM TEAM who, in response, develops counter strategies in a session led by the second Research Dimensions facilitator. These counter strategies are presented to the US TEAM, and new US TEAM strategies are developed in response. In this way, a series of strategies and counter strategies are developed.

  • 4.   A "chat down" takes place at the end of the session in which all ideas are reviewed and evaluated.
  • 5.   A debriefing War Games Wrap Up is held within one week among the key participants in order to establish priorities, responsibilities and timetables for action.

The results are a series of best strategic options, and a group of participants who have the commitment which comes with involvement through the entire process.