Creativity: Name Generation

Name Generation, a technique developed by Research Dimensions, uses idea generating techniques such as suspension of evaluation, headlining and non-rational exercises to generate new brand names. The technique rests on two assumptions:

  • a brand name can communicate a message about a product
  • everyone has the potential to be creative.

Research Dimensions Name Generation technique has five stages.

  • 1.   Determine the brand name objective, for example, to convey that the product is durable, reliable, effective, offers best value, etc.
  • 2.   Explain the product and review the criteria with a linguist who provides general principles applicable to the product.
  • 3.   Conduct a half day or evening Name Generation Workshop in which consumers and client personnel participate as equal partners. The Workshop includes:
    • reviewing and possibly revising the name objectives.
    • generating name alternatives for each objectives (e.g. creating names that suggest durable, names that suggest effective, etc.)
    • choosing those names which best fulfill the total set of objectives.
  • 4.   Review the preferred names with the linguist.
  • 5.   Issue a report with recommendations.

Results include a list of the five to ten best names in descending order with a description of why they are considered the best choices. Ten to twenty other recommended names plus as many as fifty names that are also considered acceptable are described. All other names generated in the Workshop are also listed in the report.