Service Effectiveness Monitor (SEM)

CIR Wheel

What is it: A strategic diagnostic tool that assesses, measures, and monitors the effectiveness of your company’s service personnel, quality of service and process, and how they may affect your brand performance and bottom line.

How does it work: Compares individual sales/service personnel performance; your company’s relative performance opposite similar organizations; and identifies specific strengths and weaknesses in service provision, product offering and process. It also establishes a benchmark (performance indicators) against which future performance may be measured.

Who can benefit: B2B or B2C. Companies whose business depends largely on a face-to-face or telephone contact with its customers/clients, whether in a sales or service capacity. These include banks and financial institutions, insurance agencies, chain stores, department stores, HVAC sales and service, airlines, etc.

How can the tool help: SEM enables organizations to develop more effective strategies to manage customer relationships; areas covered include:

  • Customer retention
  • Customer acquisition
  • Customer growth Æ share of wallet/budget
  • Service enhancements
  • Menu of services/products
  • Process improvements
  • Brand equity development

How should i go about it: Contact us for a brief meeting to find out exactly how the tool can work for you. At the meeting we will outline how the tool is used, by whom, and how frequently. You will have a very good idea of outputs.

Who should be involved in the meeting: Marketing and/or operations decision-makers; internal market research group, if any.