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Lorne Bozinoff, presidentDr. Lorne Bozinoff

Dr. Bozinoff is a visionary and trailblazer, and his mind is in constant motion. Lorne was quick to recognize a great opportunity with Research Dimensions and recently took over the reins as President of our firm. He is a recognized expert in the areas of survey research, questionnaire design and advanced statistical analysis. His impressive career includes founding Forum Research in 1993 and growing it to become a cutting edge leader in the field. Lorne is looking forward to supporting both growth and continuity at Research Dimensions.

Bob Liepa, senior vice-presidentBob Liepa
Senior Vice-President

Bob is a highly experienced market research professional who began his career in 1978. Over that time he has worked in a variety of fields including packaged goods, travel and tourism, audience measurement, and financial services. More recently he has developed a special expertise in lotteries and gaming. He combines big picture insights and understanding with a keen intellect and solid research fundamentals. Bob has an Honours B.Sc. In Mathematics from Queen’s University.

Deb KlotzDeborah Klotz

Deborah is a professionally trained and dynamic qualitative researcher. She approaches all aspects of a project with a mix of enthusiasm and dedication to ensure project success. Her experience includes focus groups, ethnographic observations and interviews in retail environments, on-site corporate executive work, triads and one-on-one interviews. Deborah has taught Moderating Skills to other practitioners through the MRIA, and has spoken on Innovation and Creativity at national qualitative conferences. Deborah currently sits on the MRIA Qualitative Research Division Board of Directors. In March 2015, she co-chaired the highly-successful joint MRIA and QRCA Canada Qualitative Research Conference.

Nancy DahlNancy Dahl
Senior Research Director

Through her work at some of Toronto's leading market research firms over the years, Nancy has managed all aspects of quantitative and qualitative research for a wide range of clients in the consumer, business and health care sectors. Her analysis of a large-scale quantitative study of critical care units has been published in the American Journal of Critical Care. Prior to entering the market research field, Nancy worked in the areas of product management and strategic planning. Nancy has an Honors Business Administration (HBA) from the Ivey Business School (Western University).

Nancy Siller, principal and founding partnerNancy Siller

Nancy Siller, Founding Partner, is currently enjoying a well-deserved retirement. Nancy served as one of the top moderators and experts in qualitative research for almost 40 years, and ran Research Dimenions with David Kay during that time. Her energy and creativity were driving forces behind the success of Research Dimensions. Her clients and staff will miss her warm, welcoming nature and the natural curiousity she had about people that made her such a superb moderator, friend and mentor. We wish her well in her retirement.

David Kay, principal and founding partnerDavid Kay

Research Dimensions is saddened by the passing of David Kay, Founding Partner. Before retiring, David, along with his wife and partner Nancy Siller, successfully ran Research Dimensions for over 35 years. David was a man of ideas and inventiveness, and was passionate about seeking new approaches to better solve business challenges. David was not only a great researcher and leader but, along with Nancy, made the company feel like a family, and not just a business. His good cheer and warm heart will be deeply missed.