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Codes of Conduct

Research Dimensions is a member of the Professional Marketing Research Society (PMRS), the Ontario Pharmaceutical Marketing Association, American Marketing Association (AMA), the Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA), and is a founding member of the Qualitative Research Division (QRD) of PMRS.
Research Dimensions abides by all the precepts and ethical codes of these groups.

Qualitative Research

Research Dimensions follows the QRD Focus Groups Code of Standards and the QRCA by-laws; we were instrumental in drafting the QRD code of ethics

Where appropriate, group respondents are double-screened to exclude "professional" respondents and to ensure articulateness.

Quantitative Research

Questionnaires are pre-tested in-house and then among actual respondents in order to ensure correct logic flow and comprehension.

Supervisory personnel monitor 15% of all telephone and in-person interviewing. We validate 15% of all interviews.

Code lists are initially based on lifting 30% of verbatim responses.

100% of each new coder ’s work is checked by a supervisor, and 20% of all coders’ work thereafter.