Experience: Qualitative Research

Our exceptional assets are:

  • widely experienced moderators
  • trained, senior level interviewers for in-depth, in-person or telephone interviews
  • in-house recruiting for professional and executive groups
  • a panel of PowerGroup respondents, i.e. respondents who are articulate and creative.
Our qualitative research methods include:

  • Focus group and mini-group discussions
  • Quads, triads, pairs and one-on-one in-depth interviews
  • Online focus groups and bulletin boards
  • Porjective focus groups
  • Pyramid groups

We have conducted focus groups on virtually all topics on four continents. We talk to CEOs/CFOs/Executives, professionals, bankers, technophiles, tradespeople, moms, teens, and many others who qualify on the basis of purchase or usage of specific products and/or services.